2018 Goals

2017 was a doozy. I have big ambitious plans for 2018.


First and foremost, I need to square up my money situation.

  • Get pay raise
  • Pay off all debts
  • Start savings (toward house)
  • Help Morgan get a good job
  • Stretch goal: medium van maintenance projects
  • Stretch goal: morse code tattoos


When Bookis and I started Sandstorm, we decided to build a real company, not just a hobby. So, together we’re going to keep iterating on it and try to grow it into our primary focus, not just a side hustle.

  • Grow to 50 active users
  • Build a JSON API
  • Build a CLI
  • Build sandstorm.yml configuration
  • Stay profitable


Lately I’ve been feeling some regrets about missed career opportunities. Stagnant and listless. So, this year I’m going to invest heavily in my career development and growth.

  • Ship improved personal site and resume / portfolio that I’m proud of
  • Speak at 1-2 confs
  • Get Better at testing in practice
  • Get Better at API development
  • Learn about containers / Docker / Kubernettes
  • Learn Sketch better
  • Learn PaintCode
  • Learn InVision Studio
  • Ship & Iterate Walk Fast, Talk Fast (with Bookis)
  • Open PCRR (shhh…) stretch goal


2017 was a real big year for CrimethInc. In 2018, I’d like to finish up a few remaining big technical projects.

  • Contradictionary content section on the site
  • Site translation infrastructure
  • Article translation infrastructure
  • Fundraising platform
  • /public folder streamlined
  • /seeds moved to a db dump to S3 / import script
  • Developer onboarding improved and streamlined
  • Poster series (stretch goal)


I don’t have cancer anymore which is amazing. This year I want to get more physically fit.

  • Weight back down to 130-135 lbs
  • Run twice / week (3-5 miles each) - 300–500 miles / year
  • Calisthenics crunches / pushups: twice / week


I love traveling. I’ve been to 49 of the 50 United States, only leaving Alaska. I’ve travelled the US fairly extensively. Now, I’d like to travel internationally more.

  • European summer / fall speaking tour
  • International 1-3 countries
  • Confs attend 3


I’ve never build as avid of a reader as I want to be. I have friends that read a book or two per week, but for now I’m aiming for a couple per month for now. I also have a few novels in my brain. I need to start getting those written down.

  • Write the adventure novel
  • Read 24 books (non-comic)
  • Design 1 small Mac app (GrandPerspecive?)
  • Add to my forever books library collection


I have a handful of housekeeping tech chores that I’ve put off for too long. It’s time to clear up personal technical debt. Some big, most small.

  • Delete all Facebook archived posts
  • Import Flickr to Apple Photos
  • Automate new computer setup (see: Searls’ thing)
  • Rebuild farmhouse.co as a static site archive (in past tense)
  • Rebuild cascadiaruby.com as a static site archive
  • Rebuild audio.theresistancearmy.com as a static site archive