Design Portfolio

What I Want to Do

Where I’m looking to move into more is multi-screen app design for iOS (iPhone/iPad), TVos (Apple TV), WatchOS (Apple Watch) and responsive web. One large, adaptive but still unified experience across a product offering. Regardless of which device/environment a user is in, she gets the best / most native experience possible.

What I Have Already Done

Final version of IndieWebCamp logo. For design process, see these posts: 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Walk Fast Talk Fast iOS

Design comps for an in-development iOS app



Trueey iOS

Design comps for a work-in-progress iOS app

Homesteading iOS

Design comps for a (yet to be built) Homesteading / Micropub iOS app


During a weekend session, I paper prototyped an iOS app for Yerdle. They later built an iOS app with a different design.

All Attack, No Hold Back

Web and print cover design for a planned (but never launched) magazine.


Art direction on The Farmhouse website design.

Cloud Foundry

I designed, wrote and built the introductory websites for the Cloud Foundry commercial product and open source offering. They were designed to clearly be sister sites. From the same place, while still stand alone and differentiated.


I designed this homepage comp for them in exchange for a bicycle. They never paid the bicycle.

YP Lite

I was tasked with a skunk works project of building a “lite” version of the homepage for the hundreds of thousands of users that still used over a modem.


I paper prototyped sketches of the iOS app and then art directed the designer on the comps.