1. Popular Movies I’ve Seen in the Last 15 Years

  2. Show in a Van

    In 2009 I left Seattle for another go at The Great American Roadtrip for what would turn out to be 6 months. When I was in Salt Lake City, I threw together a last minute show to see four of my friends’ bands. The venue was my minivan, a 1993 GMC Safari. Actually, in the van, both bands and audience. The lineup was:

    1. The Mooks
    2. James Miska
    3. Fuck, Yes!!!!
    4. Bombs and Beating Hearts

    It’s maybe the punkest DIYest thing I’ve ever done.

    The Mooks

    James Miska

    Fuck, Yes!!!!

    Bombs and Beating Hearts

    Before the show

    After the show

  3. Yes And Palm Springs

    I love abandoned places.

    Especially, highly visible abandoned places. Or places that used to be bustling and a big deal. Everytime that I've gone to Palm Spring, CA I've gone by a place that is clearly a former auto dealership. It's right there on the main street in the main part of town. There's no missing it. There was a time when this place was full of energy and people and commerce.

    Now, it's just nothing.

    I've always meant to take some photos of it. So, when I was leaving town after Yes and Yes Yes 002 (#YxYY), I stopped in and took a whole bunch of photos. Here are just eight of them.

  4. The Mix Is In The Tape

    I've always loved making mixtapes. When I started, they were actually on tapes. I don't romanticize or fetishize the actual analog format of magnetic tape. That's just what I called them then and what I call them still. Even when they were on CDs, I called them mixtapes.

    I still make mixtapes. These days they're playlists in iTunes, primarily for myself. And I rarely share them, not out of privacy or secrecy, but only because there isn't a great way to hand a playlist to someone else. A few years ago, I started posting them to my website. At least that way, they're URL addressable.

    At the time of writing this post, I have published five mixtapes. The full collection of which is available at: veganstraightedge.com/mixtapes. When I make more in the future, they'll also go there too.

    Mixtape #1Mixtape #2Mixtape #3Mixtape #4Mixtape #5
  5. Dear Self… Quit Your Job. Srsly.

    Today I’m 35 years old and I’m quitting my job.

    Wait, what!?

    LA Ruby Conf 2012

    In 2012, I gave a talk at LA Ruby Conf called “Quit Your Job. Srsly.” It was not meant to be a metaphor. So, I’m taking my own advice. Finally.


    Just as I predicted in the talk, I fell off the wagon and took a job again. I’ve worked for the past two years at G5 after forming a team to build a new product. I’ve accomplished (most of) what I set out to accomplish and it’s time to move on.


    I’ve put off my own projects and dreams for too long. But enough already! I’m pushing my chips to the center and going all in. I’ve got to take a shot or else I’ll never know.


    I’m making five things.

    Open Source Offsets

    Open Source Offsets is an open source foundation with the goal of paying people to work on open source. Simple. We need backers. Individuals, small shops, large companies.

    The Board of Directors is: Shane Becker (@veganstraightedge), Melissa Severini (@luckiestmonkey), Ian McFarland (@imf), Sarah Mei (@sarahmei) and Matt Kern (@lightcap).



    Jessica Suttles and I have formed a company called Hypernova to build a personal publishing platform called Homesteading. It’s all open source. If you’re interested, you can help us build it.


    All Attack, No Hold Back

    A magazine of radical politics aimed right at the heart of the tech community. I can’t talk about the writers that I have lined up yet, but I’m very excited. With this, the kids gloves are coming off. I’m coming out swinging.


    Farmhouse Publishing

    I’ve started a small publishing house to put out some of my amazing friends’ work. Photobooks. Novels. Cookbooks. And more. I’ve published one book, so far. I have several more lined up.


    Date Edge

    Bookis Smuin and I built a dating for straightedge people (though, not just straightedge people). There are nearly 3,000 people on the site. We’re growing the site with more features and functionality, because we love Love.



    I’m jumping off the edge of the cliff without a safety net. I have a little bit of nest egg, but not a ton of runway. I still have to pay rent, of course. So, I need these projects to start paying some of my bills sooner than later.

    If you like me or my ideas or projects and want to support me and and their development, here’s you can help me out.

    1. Become an Open Source Offsets backer (any amount helps)
    2. Contribute to Homesteading, or hell, invest in Hypernova
    3. Help fund All Attack, No Hold Back
    4. Buy the Farmhouse Publishing book/s
    5. Advertise on Date Edge


    Once more unto the breach, dear friends.