<p>A couple days late, but here we go.</p>

  <p>Out with the old. I have this general feeling from lots of friends that 2009 was not a great year for them. I tend to agree. When I think about my past 12 months, I get a feeling of... meh. But when I try to articulate why it was so bad, I'm reminded of the really great stuff too. Here's some of the highlights.</p>

    <li>I didn't have a job the whole year and still got by OK</li>
    <li>I went to Chile for a month in February</li>
    <li>I got rid of most of my possessions fitting everything I own into my van</li>
    <li>I travelled the USA for four months</li>
    <li>I saw old friends from Atlanta (and elsewhere) for the first time in several years</li>
    <li>I made new friends all over the country and in other countries</li>
    <li>I got a new laptop, 2 cameras and phone</li>
    <li>I turned 30</li>
    <li>My dog, Civ, turned 9</li>
    <li>I got rid of all but 1 of my cameras</li>
    <li>I continued The Resistance Army with Bookis</li>
    <li>I started Less Than Three with Bookis and Tj</li>
    <li>I met and started dating Stacey</li>

  <p>Not all bad. Actually pretty decent. But I still feel like I wasn't very happy or fulfilled. So that's this year's plan: bust ass, get lots done, feel good about myself.</p>

  <p>This is a more detailed list of goals, what some people call resolutions. (Originally published at <a href="http://listyourlist.com/veganstraightedge/lists/355" title="ListYourList : 2010 (The Year of Personal Jetpacks) Resolutions">ListYourList</a>.)</p>

  <p>Let's call them Goals, because you're on your way once you set your goals.</p>

    <li>Get out of debt</li>
    <li>Get a job</li>
    <li>Get a house</li>
    <li>Build a wild edibles map app... or enlist someone else to</li>
    <li>Build a dam wiki... or enlist someone else to</li>
    <li>Sell 30 shirts / month</li>
    <li>Publish 6 issues of a new online magazine</li>
    <li>Get an activity stream aggregator / publisher working</li>
    <li>Never burn another CD or DVD</li>
    <li>Read at least one book / month</li>
    <li>Get to TODO ZERO at least once</li>
    <li>Stay put, don't travel so much</li>

  <p>Twenty Ten, The Year of Personal Jet-packs, my personal Year of Hustle. Get into it.</p>