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  1. “A Single Div” is incredible. /by @lynnandtonic /via @gRegorLove

  2. “A Single Div” is incredible. /by @lynnandtonic /via @gRegorLove

  3. Fuck the border. Still.

  4. I finally read this. “The Complete Conceptual History of the Millennium Falcon”

  5. This space-shuttle-as-castle image is amazing.

  6. Space filling curves are pretty neat.


  8. Joel Johnson: Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work: Unlimited Edition


  10. Pop-up Paper

  11. Liam’s Pictures from Old Books

  12. YouTube - Honda Cog

  13. BIOONE Online Journals Display Figures

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  15. HOW TO - (Easily) etch images in copper

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  17. just seeds