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  1. Rooftop the #barncat by night. Rooftop the #patiocat by day. @ The Farmhouse

  2. Rooftop the #barncat reacts to @civthedog coming down stairs. @ The Farmhouse

  3. Rooftop the #barncat has started coming in the kitchen window. @ The Farmhouse

  4. Today, Rooftop the #barncat made it all the way into the dining and up onto the table! @ The Farmhouse

  5. Rooftop the #barncat is totally owning the yard. @ The Farmhouse

  6. @ashedryden There's a #barncat at The @Farmhouse too.

  7. Rooftop the #barncat is venturing farther out. @ The Farmhouse

  8. @aphoenix When she's old enough to get it, tell Z that I now call #barncat "mow mow" because of her.

  9. Rooftop, the #barncat, ventured outta the barn. All while @civthedog was right there on the patio. @…

  10. Last one (for the night). Rooftop on a computer chair. #barncat @ The Farmhouse

  11. Rooftop and @awnuhkuh are in #barncat heaven. @ The Farmhouse

  12. Rooftop #barncat head butt. @ The Farmhouse