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  1. The last of the Farmhouse #barntalks posters (by @awnuhkuh and warrenellis) is finally gone.…

  2. @rands RE: @warrenellis gave the first #barntalks in January.

  3. Lost and found at #barntalks. @ The Farmhouse

  4. What we learned last night at #barntalks 1: Dr @WarrenEllis Baron of Mars wants to invade the red planet with black lichen.

  5. RT @jlsuttles: OH: Cryofreezing is stupid. I would come back brain damaged, essentially a vegetable, and therefor cooked in your kitchen. #…

  6. RT @GaryRidesBikes: "We live inside the maps we inherent." — Warren Ellis on cities. #barntalks

  7. RT @GaryRidesBikes: "Cities are built on dead people." — Warren Ellis #barntalks

  8. RT @GaryRidesBikes: Incredible night of freeform storytelling on cities (mostly) with @warrenellis at #barntalks. Thanks for putting it on…

  9. Very first of #barntalks with warrenellis (filmed by @omarcito). @ The Farmhouse

  10. RT @farmhouse: The very first #barntalks will be January 26, 2014 with the one and only... @warrenellis.