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  1. Post #cascadiaruby 5k run with @bookis (and @eliseworthy for most of it)!

  2. RT @adelcambre: Being present with @igotimac #cascadiaruby

  3. RT @kytrinyx: So apparently @veganstraightedge yak shaved his house. #cascadiaruby

  4. RT @tehgeekmeister: "there's nothing wrong with doing fuckall." @veganstraightedge #cascadiaruby #fb

  5. RT @Strabd: "There's nothing wrong with doing fuckall." –@veganstraightedge _Quit Your Job_

  6. RT @Strabd: "Mute your cell phone, and your laptop, and your iPad... And your face." -- @veganstraightedge #cascadiaruby

  7. RT @brian_pearce: "Go signup for your lightening talk that you've been assigned to" - @veganstraightedge #cascadiaruby

  8. RT @jessicaspacekat: Super excited for #cascadiaruby this Friday-Saturday! I’m going to talk about building rad standing desks and using ...

  9. Seeing @chadfowler speak is always a real treat. #cascadiaruby

  10. More of my iPhone snaps from #cascadiaruby :

  11. So say we all #cascadiaruby

  12. I survived day one of #cascadiaruby. It was incredible in so many ways. I finally got to sleep for a couple minutes. Now time for EMP party.

  13. Sitting next to @Bookis, @brke and @elisfanclub, watching @jbarnette talk to us at #cascadiaruby.

  14. I'm really impressed by the food at #cascadiaruby. It's probably The Best conf lunch I've ever had.

  15. I'm posting my iPhone snaps of #cascadiaruby on @flickr.

  16. From side stage, @Bleything doing the opening remarks at #cascadiaruby.