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  1. My #coachella in wristbands worn.

  2. My #coachella weekend in steps walked.

  3. Finally gonna ride this thing with crimeissexy. #coachella @ Coachella Music Festival

  4. Beck is covering "Billie Jean". #coachella

  5. Lana is killing it. #coachella

  6. Any #coachella pool parties that @NikkiPickle and I can crash today? We need a swim.

  7. Closing it down. #coachella @ Coachella Music Festival

  8. The existential crisis of white bro at #coachella trying to fix his totally racist feather headdress.

  9. How does it make any sense that hula hoops are allowed in here? #coachella @ Coachella Music Festival

  10. Searchlights. #coachella @ Coachella Music Festival

  11. Sitting on the grass alone in a brocean of people and listening to Lorde. There are worse things than this. #coachella

  12. Human made constellations. #coachella @ Coachella Music Festival

  13. The Glitch Mob. #coachella @ Coachella Fest Music Festival

  14. Obligatory. #coachella @ Coachella Fest Music Festival

  15. Ellie Golding. #coachella @ Coachella Fest Music Festival

  16. #coachella bike parking. @ Coachella Fest Music Festival

  17. Made TO #coachella. Now just sorting out getting INTO Coachella.

  18. Who do I know going to #coachella weekend 2?

  19. I got a #coachella wristband. See you soon, Indio.

  20. I'm looking for a #coachella wristband for weekend 2. Got an extra?

  21. I need a house/dog sitter Friday-Monday so I can go to #coachella. Anyone interested in staying at The @Farmhouse?

  22. Lonely light. Windy night. #coachella @ Empire Polo Club

  23. #coachella 2013. So long and thanks for all the shoes.

  24. I spent most of tonight hoods up, mask on because of the dust and wind. #coachella @ Gobi Stage

  25. A backlit by the ferris wheel @awnuhkuh. #coachella @ Gobi Stage

  26. #coachella ghetto bird @ Coachella Outdoor Theatre

  27. Ominous sun. #coachella @ Gobi Stage

  28. Caught gramming: @awnuhkuh at the hexagon trees. #coachella @ Coachella Art Studios

  29. Hexagon trees from below. #coachella @ Coachella Art Studios

  30. Hexagon trees. #coachella @ Coachella Art Studios

  31. Shadow art made by the lights at The Faint. #coachella @ Mojave Stage

  32. Two different people have stopped me because of my @github hoodie. One was also a nerd. One just liked the octocat. #coachella

  33. Up next, The Faint. #coachella

  34. Vampire Weekend at #coachella

  35. Singing along to Sigur Ros is awesome because you're never wrong about the lyrics! #coachella

  36. Sigur Ros just played "Glósóli" from "Takk..." at #coachella. Achievement unlocked!

  37. Tightrope. #coachella

  38. Cold War. #coachella

  39. Remember when Janelle Monae covered Jackson 5 at #coachella?

  40. Up next: Janelle Monae whom I learned about from @n8duke. #coachella

  41. I wonder if all the white bros wearing feather headdresses don't think they're totally racist. #coachella

  42. Ferris, the wheel. #coachella @ 2013 Coachella Music And Arts Festival

  43. The Mirage at night. #coachella

  44. Caught gramming: @awnuhkuh (near @thedolab). #coachella

  45. Inside of @thedolab tent. #coachella @ 2013 Coachella Music And Arts Festival

  46. Tree and a quad-copter at #coachella.

  47. Consensual crowd sitting by Ian Svenonius of The Makeup. #coachella @ Gobi Stage

  48. A blurry @awnuhkuh during Postal Service at #coachella. @ Coachella 2013 Main Stage

  49. The Makeup's silhouettes. #coachella @ Gobi Stage

  50. You can't tell it from this photo, by I'm watching Postal Service at #coachella. <3

  51. Me and @awnuhkuh in Flamingo Pise at #coachella. @ Gobi Stage

  52. The Do Lab. #coachella @ 2013 Coachella Music And Arts Festival

  53. Tesla coils and power station at #coachella. @ 2013 Coachella Music And Arts Festival

  54. Last night. Sunset and palm trees. #coachella @ 2013 Coachella Music And Arts Festival

  55. Now watching @teganandsara at #coachella. It's so sleepy out here.

  56. Food tent lights at #coachella. @ 2013 Coachella Music And Arts Festival

  57. I wonder if all the skunks come to #coachella to die ahead of time or if people kill them during the show.

  58. Spotted: Paris Hilton at #coachella with a flock of girls getting their picture with her.

  59. Emily Metric finally answered the question "who'd you rather be Beatles or The Rolling Stones?" The Velvet Underground. #coachella

  60. Hey @coachella, It's @awnuhkuh birthday and she's here at #coachella. Is there anything special you can do for her? Thx Sb

  61. #coachella coconut time! While watching Metric. Wish you were here, @aphoenix @evanphx. @ Coachella…

  62. I just watched four bros do coke off an iPhone. #coachella

  63. Poliça at #coachella. @ Gobi Stage

  64. About to watch Poliça at #coachella who I heard about from @coketweet last year. Wish you were here, @eliduke.