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  1. A photo of me (by @faunzy) at the moment I was pushing live at #codeconf :

  2. @mojombo Thanks to you and all the rest of the @github clan (especially Melissa) for making #codeconf happen. It was top notch.

  3. Looks like @photomatt is not gonna be speaking at #codeconf, and @wilshipley is gonna instead.

  4. What's @tenderlove doing right now? Smoking a pipe and remote attending #codeconf

  5. At #codeconf, @evanphx FaceTimed @tenderlove in so he can watch the talks

  6. There is a third party involved in a programming conversation: machine, reader, but also the speaker/writer. #codeconf

  7. RT @brixen: The best code is no code #codeconf.

  8. RT @mojombo: "Automated code reference generation is worthless." -Jacob Kaplan-Moss Agree 100%. #codeconf

  9. "Get excited and make disruptively accessible things" -@arielwaldman at #codeconf

  10. #codeconf is The Conf. If you're not here you're missing out.

  11. The slides and pace of @coda's #codeconf talk are perfect. Gold star!