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  1. #dream: I interviewed @realDonaldTrump. Off the record behind closed doors, he was really eloquent. Still a fascist, but a well spoken one.

  2. #dream: I embedded with ISIS as a reporter and they weren't all religious zealots. Then they hacked my mom's old PC's mic and spied on us.

  3. #dream: Take a small slice of cake, melt a small pad of butter on it, stab it into your other dessert. Game over.

  4. #dream: invented a new dessert trend called “game overing”.

  5. #dream: Riding my bike to the office, a group of puffins were obstructing a street. (Prolly a result of seeing @puffins last night.)

  6. #dream: in the argument with the priest, he said I was being very “Astro-Italian”. Whatever the fuck that means.

  7. #dream: argued priest about the “days” that “god” created things compared to the actual time we know it takes for stars and planets to form.

  8. #dream: NY Yankees. About to start post season game. I was responsible for getting a pair of black cleats in memory of a deceased teammate.

  9. #dream: An entire episode of Brooklyn 99.

  10. #dream: Discussed the pop-in with @rands who's not a fan. "Just call first, @AmyJane." And said he drives "slow" to work: 90–125mph. Weird.

  11. #dream: #rooftopthecat laid in some ooze under a sink and was transformed into a panther size big cat but was still cuddly and my buddy.

  12. #dream: As a high schooler I was at an MLB game and thought they wanted to recruit me. But they wanted to sponsor my Babe Ruth (13-15) team.

  13. #dream: Dad driving truck down highway, brother shotgun, me back seat. I fall asleep. Wake up to dad offering a big joint to brother. (1/3)

  14. #dream: I was in an attic and something was touching my foot. It was a small piece of old wasp nest, then I kicked it away. It was empty.

  15. #dream: "Podcasting: we're not nothing, just a small community. The ones you voted for, we're all dicks."

  16. #dream: I was a batter for the Cubs. I got on with a full count walk. When the next pitcher beamed my teammate I charged the mound from 1st.

  17. Two nights in a row, I had a different #dream about ex-gf's cat dying in a different way. I don't get it. :(

  18. #dream: Trying out for an MLB TEAM. Going well. Outfield coach makes me take off my shoes, trace my feet and measure my arch height.

  19. #dream: Communist run cafe turns on itself when workers learn that the last one standing alive gets all of it. Cast iron skillet fights.

  20. Live Simple: Radical tactics to reduce the complexity, costs, and clutter of your life