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  1. #endlesssummer @ Palm Greens Cafe

  2. #endlesssummer @ LACMA

  3. Five kids worth of bags for one month. #endlesssummer @ John Bender's Mom's

  4. The whole crew yesterday. #endlesssummer @ Makalawena Beach

  5. As a part of #endlesssummer, @eliduke, @bookis, @brke and I are doing the 100 pushup program. I started at 20. Brk: 12. Eli: 35. Bks: 36.

  6. More beach. #endlesssummer @ Makalawena Beach

  7. @Carols10cents don't hate me/us! There's plenty of #endlesssummer to go around. Nothing's really stopping you from coming out here, right?

  8. @tjnelsonjr @hrrrthrrr et al, you should come to North Shore Oahu for NYE (or anytime really) with us. #endlesssummer