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  1. I found this roll of 35mm at a #farmhouseconf and finally got it developed. Is it yours? @ The Farmhouse

  2. @GlennF @newdisruptors I put on 5 conferences in my backyard in Hollywood. #farmhouseconf. Does that interest you?

  3. @paulca WRT "The Conference Crash", I cried after every #farmhouseconf as I was going to sleep. I was listless for a few days after too.

  4. Farmhouse Conf 5 : Collapse

  5. RT @kobier: Headed to #farmhouseconf, wife is coming with me, got to security to realize she left her wallet home, slight delay flying with…

  6. @jremsikjr @tjnelsonjr is the #farmhouseconf photographer.

  7. Farmhouse Conf 4 : Future

  8. RT @farmhouse: Old friends of #farmhouseconf, @PacNWKaleChips are providing us tasty kale chips to snack on again.

  9. I guess the video editor doesn't need to be in LA, just needs be into The @Farmhouse / #farmhouseconf.

  10. @judsonlester Not sure yet. It's just a zygote of an idea still. Gotta get thru a couple #farmhouseconf orgazings first. :D

  11. Today's new idea: @Farmhouse Camp. Like #farmhouseconf but two day camping sleepover with invited guests, but no "talk" format.

  12. Thru the avocado tree, mothattack at #farmhouseconf. @ The Farmhouse

  13. The #farmhouseconf registration. @ The Farmhouse

  14. A really really free market at #farmhouseconf. @ The Farmhouse

  15. It's #farmhouseconf day!

  16. Farmhouse Conf 3 : Disruption

  17. This is how magical the farmhouse backyard is. #farmhouseconf @ The Farmhouse

  18. @jremsikjr I hear that. I missed Rails Conf in May and gonna miss Ruby Conf in November because of #farmhouseconf timing.

  19. @bleything Is it the @fieldnotesbrand from the #farmhouseconf goodie bag?

  20. @C2Ococonutwater was one of my #farmhouseconf sponsors. I wish I could be personally sponsored by them to drink it all of the time.

  21. Drawing by @gregbennick from #farmhouseconf. @ The Farmhouse

  22. Pro Tip™ : do your social media spelunking in the couple few days after your event. Two weeks later and #farmhouseconf is *hard* to get at.

  23. From the @spireio blog, @spladow wrote a recap to #farmhouseconf (and @TacoConf).

  24. @tonx Not Bad™. I'd love to get Jesse and Adam to do a live segment of @putthison at the next #farmhouseconf.

  25. And now the #farmhouseconf cleanup begins.

  26. Doing a five minute follow up to his talk from the first #farmhouseconf about @safecast, @s @ The Farmhouse

  27. Nate and @marchorowitz shooting the #farmhouseconf attendees from the upstairs window @ The Farmhouse

  28. Speaking at #farmhouseconf, @gregbennick. @ The Farmhouse

  29. Those two folks next to @sixwing travelled from Poland for #farmhouseconf. @ The Farmhouse

  30. In the morning at #farmhouseconf, my barn was a coffee shop with a line out the door. @ The Farmhouse

  31. One of the times that @bookis corralled the #farmhouseconf attendees to their chairs for an @ The Farmhouse

  32. 99 ( - 98) red balloons for the #farmhouseconf sign. @ The Farmhouse

  33. On top of a mountain of gear for @matesofstate's show at #farmhouseconf, @nikkipickle. @ Guitar Center

  34. The backyard the morning after #farmhouseconf @ The Farmhouse

  35. #farmhouseconf 2 is by far the best thing I've ever made. Today was perfect.

  36. Cops: 0. #farmhouseconf: 3.

  37. #farmhouseconf socializing between talks. @ The Farmhouse

  38. Farmhouse Conf 2 : Mapping

  39. RT @timesarrow: Excitedly packing up for #farmhouseconf. Heading down today from SLO Town through Santa Barbara then on to Hollywood. Wo ...

  40. The barn bar for #farmhouseconf by David Paris

  41. Yesterday @awnuhkuh, @bookis and @eliduke cleaned the heck outta the backyard. #farmhouseconf wouldn't be possible without their hard work.

  42. Fridge full of farm fresh lemonade made by @hrrrthrrr for #farmhouseconf. @ The Farmhouse

  43. RT @kobier: All of the #farmhouseconf videos are online! Check them out at

  44. RT @Damenevans: #farmhouseconf venue is becoming avail. & i may take it over to keep it in the LA geek fam as co-op cowork/hack space, p ...

  45. RT @tjnelsonjr: one of my favorite images from yesterday 's talks. cc/ @evanphx @farmhouse. | #farmhouseconf

  46. #farmhouseconf snaps by @seanbonner :

  47. #farmhouseconf snaps by @seanbonner :

  48. #farmhouseconf snaps by @seanbonner :

  49. #farmhouseconf snaps by @seanbonner :

  50. RT @kobier: WTLB "have awesome friends and make ridiculous demands of life" @veganstraightedge via #farmhouseconf

  51. Live action shot. @kobier shooting #farmhouseconf for @confreaks

  52. RT @johnbender: Pretty awesome showing today at #farmhouseconf. Kudos to @veganstraightedge for the brilliant setting

  53. RT @whatupderek: @veganstraightedge thanks for putting on #farmhouseconf! Had a great time!

  54. RT @gilesgoatboy: #farmhouseconf was rad! sry @veganstraightedge bkz I had to bail on dinner. plotting upcoming shenanigans in Toronto.

  55. Of course, @evanphx is killing it at #farmhouseconf.

  56. "You don't have to speak eloquently, but you do have to speak passionately." -@meghatron at #farmhouseconf

  57. Jesus. H. Christ. There are sooo many quotable quotes in @meghatron's talk at #farmhouseconf.

  58. RT @suzanbond: Professional advice: be friends with amazing people and make ridiculous demands. @veganstraightedge #farmhouseconf

  59. Farmhouse Conf 1

  60. RT @maxwellsalz: I'm going to #farmhouseconf ! See you there next week? /cc @farmhouse #la