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  1. RT @tjnelsonjr: i took it: RT @farmhouse: Baseball team photo of @blueribbonglee and @veganstraightedge after #farmhouseconf3. https:// ...

  2. RT @farmhouse: Baseball team photo of @blueribbonglee and @veganstraightedge after #farmhouseconf3.

  3. Michael Lopp @rands is giving the longer more refined version with slides of his "Stables and Volatiles" talk that he did at #farmhouseconf3

  4. Anyone in LA wanna help out The @Farmhouse by editing some videos of #farmhouseconf3? I'm way behind on uploading them. :/

  5. @tomcoates He did a slideless version at #farmhouseconf3 in November. Real good.

  6. RT @farmhouse: Photos of #farmhouseconf3 on that Facebook (if you're into that sorta thing).

  7. Lost and found at #farmhouseconf3: a roll of 35mm. Get at me if it's yours. @ The Farmhouse

  8. Today I walked 6.28 miles in my backyard at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  9. A cup of hot apple cider to end my night. I've talked a lot today at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  10. #farmhouseconf3 is over. It was amazing. Thank you everyone who was a part of it. <3 @ The Farmhouse

  11. Thank you so much, Blue Ribbon Glee Club. You rocked me like a hurricane. #farmhouseconf3 @ The Farmhouse

  12. Remember that time when The Blue Ribbon Glee Club played in my backyard at #farmhouseconf3? @ The Farmhouse

  13. The author of zine/book called Evasion, @peterdyoung at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  14. Dinner from cruzerpizza at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  15. True fact: @rands has groupies #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  16. A really really free market (wagon) at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  17. Blue Ribbon Glee Club merch table at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  18. Blue Ribbon Glee Club shirts hanging from the clothesline at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  19. Impromptu adhoc @obeygiant show on The farmhouse at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  20. Remember that time when @rands spoke in my backyard at #farmhouseconf3? That was awesome.

  21. Running sound is hard, but @nikkipickle has got it covered at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  22. Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant) at #farmhouseconf3. @ The Farmhouse

  23. RT @farmhouse: Go to sleep. #farmhouseconf3 is tomorrow morning.

  24. @fishermanchips are you and the lady coming down for #farmhouseconf3? @rands

  25. RT @farmhouse: 3. Justin Ouellette (@jstn), the maker of Muxtape, is also confirmed to speak at #farmhouseconf3. (coming soon to the site…)

  26. RT @farmhouse: 2. Michael Lopp aka @rands has been added to the lineup for #farmhouseconf3.

  27. RT @farmhouse: I'm very excited to announce a bit of #farmhouseconf3 news. In a few parts…

  28. Blue Ribbon Glee Club is playing live at the @Farmhouse Conf 3 after party. Get into it! #farmhouseconf3

  29. RT @farmhouse: At #farmhouseconf3, Kate Darling (@grok_ ) is speaking about pr0n, tech and intellectual property.