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  1. And we put these few things in storage. And with that #FarmhouseDemoDays is officially over!

  2. We put all of this Farmhouse wood (plus a LOT more) in the freight containers. #FarmhouseDemoDays

  3. I am so fucking dirty right now. #FarmhouseDemoDays #nsfw

  4. The final stage of #FarmhouseDemoDays is to unload this into that. Almost there.

  5. This outbound poop pipe is what was behind the kitchen soffit. #FarmhouseDemoDays @ The Farmhouse

  6. #FarmhouseDemoDays : once and future front door masthead. @ The Farmhouse

  7. #FarmhouseDemoDays : driveway side wall. @ The Farmhouse

  8. #FarmhouseDemoDays : formerly living room. @ The Farmhouse

  9. #FarmhouseDemoDays : hole in the roof from hole in the ceiling of the spare room. Formerly. @ The…

  10. #FarmhouseDemoDays : front of house. @ The Farmhouse

  11. #FarmhouseDemoDays : TV antenna, bath tub, no more laundry room. Outside back wall from patio. @ The…

  12. #FarmhouseDemoDays : formerly the bathroom. @ The Farmhouse

  13. #FarmhouseDemoDays : major demo in progress, front door. @ The Farmhouse

  14. My new home in front of my old home. #FarmhouseDemoDays @ The Farmhouse

  15. What’s red and black and grey all over? Me and @mofo37 again. #FarmhouseDemoDays @ The Farmhouse

  16. Portrait at that red door, one last time. #FarmhouseDemoDays @ The Farmhouse

  17. Last night sleeping at The Farmhouse. #FarmhouseDemoDays @ The Farmhouse

  18. Clotheslines are for catching box springs tossed out the second story window. #FarmhouseDemoDays @…

  19. #FarmhouseDemoDays : last remnant from one of the EIGHT layers of linoleum that were once in the…

  20. #FarmhouseDemoDays : original kitchen hardwood floors. @ The Farmhouse

  21. #FarmhouseDemoDays : wallpaper detail 6. @ The Farmhouse

  22. #FarmhouseDemoDays : wallpaper detail 5. @ The Farmhouse

  23. #FarmhouseDemoDays : wallpaper detail 4. @ The Farmhouse

  24. #FarmhouseDemoDays : the other hidden wallpaper. @ The Farmhouse

  25. #FarmhouseDemoDays : wallpaper detail 3. Newton Rose Water. @ The Farmhouse

  26. #FarmhouseDemoDays : wallpaper detail 2. Admiral Akbar’s “It’s a Trap!” coffee. @ The Farmhouse

  27. #FarmhouseDemoDays : wallpaper detail 1. @ The Farmhouse

  28. #FarmhouseDemoDays : @mofo37 discovered more amazing wallpaper. (Detailed photos next.) @ The Farmhouse

  29. #FarmhouseDemoDays : No more oven. No more hard wood floor in the kitchen. @ The Farmhouse

  30. #FarmhouseDemoDays 5 : no more office pony wall. @ The Farmhouse

  31. The is the only drywall in The Farmhouse. The rest is tongue groove wood. #FarmhouseDemoDays @ The…

  32. LA friends: I need your help. There's still so much work to do on #FarmhouseDemoDays and not enough time for me and Morgan to do it all.

  33. #FarmhouseDemoDays 2 : found 🐢 @ The Farmhouse

  34. #FarmhouseDemoDays 2 : found a layer of (who knows how) old wallpaper. @ The Farmhouse

  35. #FarmhouseDemoDays 1: Bedroom laminate flooring, floor padding, wall/floor/corner trim. Bedroom and closet doors. Hallway towel racks.