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  1. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any aerial drone footage of any of the #Fergsuon protests?

  2. #Fergsuon is also what the police state looks like. It's the Michael Bay Police State Cranked To Eleven version of the police state.

  3. He's still the one defending the use of tear gas, a Geneva Protocol banned chemical weapon, in #Fergsuon.

  4. He's still the one blaming the violence in #Fergsuon on a few violent protestors from out of town, not the para-military equipped cops.

  5. #Fergsuon cops released “evidence” of guns and molotovs about one million times faster than the name of the fucking killer cop.

  6. But #Fergsuon have attacked peaceful protestors have in the daytime too.

  7. The #Fergsuon cops are claiming that they confiscated two guns. 1. Why should we believe you? 2. Do we get to confiscate your guns?

  8. You know what would be a swell donation to the people of #Fergsuon? A fuck ton of gas masks.

  9. In all of this terror, someone else is gonna get killed by the cops in #Fergsuon. Then what?

  10. Where is @kanyewest saying that cops hate black people about #Fergsuon the way he did about Bush and Katrina?

  11. Here's the thing. Every single one of those fucking cops in #Fergsuon has a name and an address.

  12. #Fergsuon is like most cities and towns in the U.S., they have a massive problem with a gang that wears all blue, but sometimes jungle camo.