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  1. #fightback

  2. Ukraine knows how to #fightback. Cobblestones, chains, backhoes.

  3. #fightback

  4. #fightback

  5. Google Glassholes are passive informants. #fightback

  6. Fascism is real and must be confronted. #fightback

  7. Revolutions have happened for less. Heads have literally rolled. #fightback

  8. Fascism. It's a real thing. It's on the rise again. We must take it seriously now before it's too late. #fightback

  9. Happy May Day everyone! Get wild. Stay safe. #fightback

  10. When the FBI arrests me for "anarchist literature", please come to my rescue. #fightback

  11. Again, people out number the cops by 10 to 1 and can only think to yell "shame" while cops beat on people. #fightback

  12. Number 7 is a perfect example of 1: why I'm vegan. 2: why we must #fightback.

  13. In Bolivia, even people in wheelchairs #fightback against riot police thugs.

  14. Cop tasers a woman at point blank. Now she's brain dead.

  15. Athens on fire. #fightback

  16. Also, it wouldn't hurt to bring protest signs reinforced as shields. #fightback

  17. Stay strong, kids : #fightback

  18. RT @lightcap: Flying into Oakland. Wishing I could stay. Don't back down Oakland. #fightback #occupyeverything

  19. 1. Cops are not your friends. 2. Stop being surprised by #1. 3. Defend yourselves. 4. #fightback.

  20. @lightcap And swim goggles. And gloves. And a motorcycle helmet. Or at least a bike helmet. #fightback