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  1. Who do I know that works at Facebook or know someone that works at Facebook? I need a favor.

  2. Dear @SlackHQ, After configuring and admining so many Slacks, I wish there was a config file export/import to make it easier each time.

  3. Why is a @Cubs / @SFGiants day game at Wrigley in Chicago blocked for me in SF on the @MLB At Bat app?

  4. How do I add someone to a Slack but only give them access to only one channel? A private one.

  5. If you didn't want Google apps but need your own email server, what's good?

  6. I have 3 unreleased episodes of The @Farmhouse Podcast that I want to easily edit and release for posterity. What app should I use to edit?

  7. render "admin/datetime_group", f: f, attr: :captured_at, object: @post, include_blank: true All locals pass thru except include_blank. Why?

  8. I need to ...fax... 4 PDFs to one fax number. 26 pages in total. HALP?!