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  1. @LAMayorsOffice @ericgarcetti Worst of all, they cut down a 112 year old avocado tree and threw it away in a dumpster. Yay development? 🙁

  2. @LAMayorsOffice @ericgarcetti My 1903 farmhouse isn’t even there anymore. It got sold to developers. We got evicted. It got demolished.

  3. @LAMayorsOffice @ericgarcetti You should walk that block now. It’s a complete shit show. Thanks to all of the development past and present.

  4. @LAMayorsOffice @ericgarcetti You told the press (and me personally) that you cared about old charming Hollywood neighborhoods.

  5. @LAMayorsOffice @ericgarcetti A few years ago, you broke ground on an apartment building across the street from my house in Hollywood.