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  1. RT @n8duke: I know it's been said, many times many ways, but seriously, FUCK THE POLICE.

  2. #occupywallstreet Tomorrow is the day of day. Show your teeth. Don't back down. Fight back.

  3. RT @steveklabnik: Why the police aren't on our side: #occupywallstreet

  4. RT @steveklabnik: Dear #occupywallstreet: a letter from anarchists:

  5. RT @brke: Dear Occupiers, A Letter from Anarchists: #occupywallstreet

  6. RT @steveklabnik: The Boston Tea Party was property destruction, same as smashing a bank's window. #occupywallstreet

  7. RT @steveklabnik: This is why I don't like #occupywallstreet: 8 cops, hundreds of people, people watch cops beat other people: http://t. ...

  8. My chief problem with #occupywallstreet is that no one is challenging the of existence government and capitalism.