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  1. Perfect Songs

  2. ♫ This is my jam: “What Can You Do?” /by @BadReligion

  3. ♫ This is my jam: “London Calling” /by @TheClash

  4. Unfortunately, still relevant in 2016. “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” /by @DeadKennedys

  5. Today’s writing music: Bad Religion and Bane.

  6. ♫ This is my jam: “You Are The Government” /by @badreligion

  7. I wonder what it must feel like to write a record as perfect as “And out come the wolves…”. But never be able to do it again.

  8. Remember friends, Set back the set backs for one more fucking day. Pick up the pieces and remember we always struggle.

  9. Plan-It-X Records