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  1. @danielgrippi @zhitomirskiyi @maxwellsalz @rsofaer @sarahmei Have you tested @joindiaspora on @rubinius for #rbxday?

  2. @titanous Are you doing any #rbxday partying today?

  3. @brianmario @atmos @tmm1 Are you folks getting wild with the #rbxday party at the @github?

  4. @dylanegan @heroku Are you folks doing #rbxday partying over there?

  5. @lightcap Are you gonna code bend for #rbxday tomorrow? (See what I did there?)

  6. @tenderlove @drbrain et al. Are you all doing anything for #rbxday tomorrow? It would be nice if all your gems were test on Rubinius. :D

  7. @broccolini You should throw together a quick #rbxday party on your side of the pond. Just host / organize it and get Rubyists there.

  8. RT @adelcambre: Come hang out at Engine Yard tomorrow afternoon for #rbxday!

  9. RT @danishkhan: #rbxday tomorrow!! come join us at @engineyard

  10. RT @spastorino: I will be working on #rbxday from @wyeworks if someone wants to join me ... ping me :)

  11. RT @joshsusser: I'll be at's #rbxday hackfest tomorrow with @brixen and some other cool cats -

  12. @wayneeseguin What's your availability on Friday gonna look like, wrt #rbxday?

  13. @deanero Are you gonna party #rbxday style on Friday?

  14. @spastorino Are you gonna party #rbxday style on Friday?

  15. RT @johnbender: Friday, August 5, 2011 is #rbxday srsly, get into it

  16. Who in the @engineyard SF office is gonna party #rbxday style on Friday?

  17. @atmos Are you crazy @github-ers gonna be sober enough on Friday to participate in #rbxday?

  18. LA rubyists. I'll be hosting an #rbxday party at the @farmhouse on Friday. @evanphx will be here part to the day. We'll provide the snacks.

  19. @chadfowler @rich_kilmer Could you folks host an #rbxday party at @livingsocial in DC on Friday to help @rubinius?

  20. @Substantial Interested in hosting a Beer && Code like event for #rbxday? It's an international @rubinius testing party

  21. 2. Can we get @CodeBenders excited about #rbxday which is Friday? Test your code on @rubinius while having fun.

  22. RT @rubinius: Just a reminder to everyone, #rbxday got postponed to August 5, so that @evanphx can have a little New Dad Time™

  23. @headius We moved #rbxday because Baby Phoenix was born and we want to give @evanphx a little bit of New Dad Time™.

  24. @rubyflow Your site won't let me post about @rubinius' #rbxday : Please fix.

  25. We launched a new thing today. #rbxday

  26. RT @rubinius: Friday, July 15, 2011 is #rbxday :

  27. RT @rubinius: New Blog Post - #rbxday :