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  1. @davystevenson I missed this talk at #roa3. I'm sorry for that. Your slides look great though. ⭐ — Approved™

  2. In my @rbonales, I forgot to say this line about "everyone being born an anarchist and has to be taught to be a fascist or liberal". #roa3

  3. RT @rbonales: @eliseworthy on the history of women in programming #roa3

  4. RT @steveklabnik: Check out @eliseworthy and @jlsuttles talking at #roa3:

  5. RT @ralphbod: Inspiring talk by @veganstraightedge at #roa3. Pulled on thread shared by many. Anarchism doesn't get to own Open Source, ...

  6. RT @bbauer: Nice Minor Threat reference @veganstraightedge. Great Talk! #roa3

  7. RT @ryanbigg: “You have a family. You have a tribe. Reach out.” - @veganstraightedge starting #roa3 day 2

  8. I presented my talk "Everything I Needed to Know About Open Source, I Learned from Punk Rock" at @rbonales #roa3. I'm exhausted now.

  9. Does anyone in Bend / @rbonales / #roa3 have a wireless remote clicker for slides tomorrow at 9am?

  10. Beer number 2: water. #roa3 #redteam

  11. PAO (person-action-object) sounds a lot like Activity Streams (actor-verb-object). #roa3

  12. The crux of this talk is "look at all these things we've learned about the human brain by torturing animals in cages!" #roa3

  13. "[The experimented on animal] can't escape the electric shock on their tale. Isn't that wonderful and cruel?" No, it's just cruel. #roa3

  14. The @rbonales live stream is up on @justintv. Audio + slides. Requires Flash :( #roa3

  15. No disrespect, @sarahmei, but you're wrong about the anarchist / light bulb joke at #roa3. It goes like this…

  16. Q: How many anarchists does it take to change a light? A: None. It can't be changed. It must be smashed! #roa3

  17. Beer number 1: Apple Juice. #roa3 #redteam

  18. .@sarahmei My degree would've said "multimedia", but I dropped out. #roa3

  19. Non-nerds: I'll be tweeting about @rbonales for the next couple days heavily. Mute accordingly. #roa3

  20. Folks at @rbonales, don't forget to protect your shit on shared wifi by using @getcloak!