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  1. We’re driving #rooftopthecat to Santa Cruz to her new forever home.

  2. I got to see #rooftopthecat the other night. I'm looking for a forever for home for her. If you…

  3. Here’s another great photo of #rooftopthecat by Erica Danger.

  4. For the ongoing misadventures of #rooftopthecat, follow her fosters: helloskypie and slavicslob. @…

  5. The cover of #rooftopthecat’s next record: Contemplative Last Farmhouse Day. @ The Farmhouse

  6. Is #rooftopthecat an American Shorthair or a Domestic Shorthair?

  7. #rooftopthecat after a long hard day of helping. @ The Farmhouse

  8. #rooftopthecat helping with the packing. @ The Farmhouse

  9. #rooftopthecat helping with the #FarmhouseDemoDays denailing. @ The Farmhouse

  10. #rooftopthecat belong with #FarmhouseDemoDays. @ The Farmhouse

  11. #rooftopthecat helping with the moving sale. @ The Farmhouse

  12. #rooftopthecat staring patiently though the front door. Just in case. @ The Farmhouse

  13. #rooftopthecat keeping an eye on the barn foundation. Just in case. @ The Farmhouse

  14. #rooftopthecat is ready to go on a roadtrip. @ The Farmhouse

  15. #rooftopthecat is not sure what to make of #FarmhouseDemoDays. (Not shot shit in slo-mo.) @ The…

  16. Cat paws suspended in the air. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  17. Soon... #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  18. #rooftopthecat approves of my rainier cherries, jesskilz @ The Farmhouse

  19. Welp. #rooftopthecat brought her first bird inside. Still alive and flew away when I opened the…

  20. Rooftop the tree climbing cat. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  21. Rooftop the tall grass stalking cat. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  22. RT @mofo37: #rooftopthecat keeping watch from the rooftop. @ The Farmhouse

  23. My strategy of raising #rooftopthecat as if she’s a dog is working out swimmingly.

  24. Me and #rooftopthecat. We woke up like this. @ The Farmhouse

  25. “What iPad cover?” — #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  26. #rooftopthecat is #helping me disassemble The Farmhouse Barn. Thanks, buddy! @ The Farmhouse

  27. The dinner table is set. Thanks #rooftopthecat! @ The Farmhouse

  28. #rooftopthecat is laying dangerously close to my chair like @civthedog used to. It's weird. @ The…

  29. At least I've got this #rooftopthecat laying on my arm. That's pretty good. @ The Farmhouse

  30. Five dogs just ganged up on #rooftopthecat in my backyard and she showed who’s boss. And I laid into their person for no leashes.

  31. A banana, pear and two cherimoyas. Guarded by a #rooftopthecat. @ The Farmhouse

  32. #rooftopthecat #helping @ The Farmhouse

  33. She woke up like this. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  34. #rooftopthecat was trying to figure this banana. (Soundtrack: Remainder) @ The Farmhouse

  35. I just called #rooftopthecat “Toppy McRoofRoof”.

  36. Today’s edition of “ways that #rooftopthecat sleeps” (2 of 2) @ The Farmhouse

  37. Today’s edition of “ways that #rooftopthecat sleeps” (1 of 2) @ The Farmhouse

  38. Today’s edition of “ways that #rooftopthecat sleeps”. @ The Farmhouse

  39. Let sleeping #rooftopthecat lie. @ The Farmhouse

  40. I just woke up to this face. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  41. What, pray tell, are you doing, #rooftopthecat? @ The Farmhouse

  42. #rooftopthecat put herself on timeout in the corner. Because cats. @ The Farmhouse

  43. I woke up like this. #rooftopthecat on my pillow edition. @ The Farmhouse

  44. It's cold enough that #rooftopthecat is actually cuddling in bed with me. @ The Farmhouse

  45. I woke up like this. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  46. #rooftopthecat Always be helping. @ The Farmhouse

  47. #rooftopthecat reminds me to use my standing desk by taking chair. @ The Farmhouse

  48. Rooftop the Aros cat. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  49. #rooftopthecat is #helping me work on @homesteadingio. @ The Farmhouse

  50. #rooftopthecat is getting more into cuddling. @ The Farmhouse

  51. #rooftopthecat on Polaroid film that expired in 2009. @ The Farmhouse

  52. #rooftopthecat on another rooftop. @ The Farmhouse

  53. #rooftopthecat is definitely holding her back paw with her front paws in her sleep. @ The Farmhouse

  54. I came home to find #rooftopthecat on top of Avi’s car waiting for me. @ The Farmhouse

  55. #rooftopthecat has finally figured out the faucet drinking trick. @ The Farmhouse

  56. These are my favorite kind of #rooftopthecat pets. @ The Farmhouse

  57. #rooftopthecat is #helping me get ready tonight. @ The Farmhouse

  58. #rooftopthecat #helping @ The Farmhouse

  59. I woke up to a jackhammer going at 6am. For the next 2 hours. I took @CivTheDog in for surgery. I bought dog food for #rooftopthecat. o_O

  60. The #rooftopthecat is a fucking joke. @ The Farmhouse

  61. There's one little bit of dirt on the patio, so of course #rooftopthecat laid down in it. @ The Farmhouse

  62. @anomalily Just leave the window in your barn open. A cat will start sleeping in there. Then your house. That's how #rooftopthecat did it.

  63. Correct answer: it's always naptime. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  64. #rooftopthecat was sleeping ON my headphones, then woke up, put the cord IN her mouth, then back to…

  65. #rooftopthecat just did that cat move of yawn / meow / stretch / roll over / fall off the desk / catch herself on the curtain / walk off nbd

  66. Trust falls. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  67. #rooftopthecat is #helping me (re)organize my shirt drawer. @ The Farmhouse

  68. OH: "Gosh. You're so big. I thought you were a panther." Said to #rooftopthecat.

  69. The @Farmhouse is back down to 2 human animals and 2 non-human animals. For now. - me - @kristenrey_s - @CivTheDog - #rooftopthecat

  70. #rooftopthecat gives less and less of a fuck everyday. @ The Farmhouse

  71. This is the bed that I came home to. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse

  72. #rooftopthecat taking a #selfie. @ The Farmhouse

  73. #rooftopthecat 🐱 @ The Farmhouse

  74. @plain_lo Me too. #rooftopthecat doesn't give a single fuck.

  75. #rooftopthecat left a whisker on my keyboard. @ The Farmhouse

  76. Wait a second. That's not #rooftopthecat! @ The Farmhouse

  77. #rooftopthecat eats wet food with paw. @ The Farmhouse

  78. #rooftopthecat immediately laid claim to the box that my suit came in. @ The Farmhouse

  79. I caught #rooftopthecat sleeping like this in my bed. @ The Farmhouse

  80. This ding dang cat sure does trust me real good. #rooftopthecat @ The Farmhouse