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  1. I wish I could've made it to #rubyconf to see the tribe and to hunt for a job.

  2. RT @rudy: #rubyconf highlight; chatting w/ friend'o'friend & @farmhouse creator @veganstraightedge. Make sure you do too. (thx again, Shane…

  3. RT @jlsuttles: Getting high on talking about space with @thekristenreyes and @veganstraightedge 💫 #rubyconf

  4. I did a LAX 🚂 SAN with @evanphx and @olivierlacan. Weeeee. Let's get wild #rubyconf!

  5. I'm going to San Diego for #rubyconf. Anyone have an extra hotel bed near the convention center that I can crash?

  6. RT @steveklabnik: Well, looks like @lydiacbrooks and I are going to @farmhouse conf instead of #rubyconf this year… tickets acquired!

  7. @suss I know, right! Missed you #rubyconf this year.

  8. PINK car in NOLA during #rubyconf

  9. Hotel lobby chandelier at #rubyconf in NOLA

  10. Another perk of #rubyconf is running into long distance friends just walking around some other city. Or at the airport.

  11. My third #rubyconf has come and gone. Even without going to any sessions, it was more beautiful than ever. I love you all, ruby friends. xo

  12. RT @jc00ke: Matz is wearing a @rubinius shirt. We're on the right track. #rubyconf

  13. @tonyxprice RIGHTEOUS! And no hurry, really. I'm at #rubyconf with shitty wifi.

  14. Layover in Dallas. Anyone from the #rubyconf set here?

  15. Burbank -> Dallas/Ft worth for #rubyconf @ Bob Hope Airport (Burbank Airport) (BUR)

  16. I was talking with *someone* at #rubyconf about this and could remember the name. "The Take" by Naomi Klein.

  17. RT @ajsharp: Here here! “@kobier: Big Thanks to @chadfowler, @kellyjeane, @rich_kilmer, @david_a_black => Awesome job with #rubyconf!”

  18. RT @konstantinhaase: #rubyconf was legendary.

  19. Thanks #rubyconf organizers. You're the best. I learned so much from you that will get applied to @cascadiaruby. See you next year.

  20. RT @juliamae: "just chill the fuck out is the answer to everything." - @evanphx #rubyconf

  21. I need to borrow a video out adapter for iPad for tomorrow morning's lightning talks. I forgot mine in LA. Halp! #rubyconf

  22. Sharecropping/homesteading talk and planning tonight after the keynote! Map: (@launchpad -walking distance.) #rubyconf

  23. RT @Abica: There's a Michael Jackson, a Patrick Ewing, a Peter Jackson and a Mike Moore at #rubyconf. Each giving a talk.

  24. RT @bryanl: hey speakers who have code. white background dark text for code. thanks! #rubyconf

  25. In the PaaS panel, the @heroku and @vmware dudes are top notch class acts. #rubyconf

  26. Tomorrow night come talk about sharecropping/homestead at the diaspora hack session @launchpad #rubyconf

  27. As always, @tenderlove is killing it in his #rubyconf talk.

  28. Dearest #rubyconf organizers, It's pretty chilly in here. And I'm already wearing a sweater. <3 Sb

  29. Oh early o'clock, why do you do this to me? #rubyconf

  30. I'm at the Hilton. Who's gonna let me sleep on their floor / couch here? #rubyconf Ps I'm small with just a little backpack.

  31. Hey #rubyconf nerds. I'm in baggage claim by the ground transportation. Find and we can share a cab/shuttle.

  32. Anyone else at the NOLA airport going to the #rubyconf hotel?

  33. Spotted in the men's bathroom, a 70+ year old pants dropper. Welcome to NOLA. #rubyconf

  34. LAX ✈ MSY #rubyconf NOLA, here I come.

  35. My plan for #rubyconf again is to show up without lodging plans and see what happens. Anyone with a spare bed or couch at the hotel?

  36. Anyone else at LAX? #rubyconf

  37. I'm in a Super Shuttle. It is neither super nor a shuttle. #rubyconf

  38. @mislav That'd be awesome! I think you're just the person for the task too. Are you going to be in New Orleans for #rubyconf?

  39. @laruby I'm going to #rubyconf.

  40. @wifelette I've got my VLC for iPad all loaded up with movies for the the NOLA #rubyconf trip. Gives me a happy too. :D

  41. I just set my alarm clock for 5:30am for tomorrow's flight to #rubyconf. Not stoked.

  42. Packing for #rubyconf NOLA edition. Pumped. Anyone else flying out of LAX tomorrow morning?

  43. Hey #rubyconf friends. Who wants to let me sleep on your hotel couch / floor?

  44. Number of things I need to do before leaving on Wednesday for #rubyconf in NOLA: 1 million* * - A rough approximation

  45. I would love to use @rubyconfirmate, but I get stuck in "Too many redirects" hell. :( #rubyconf

  46. Best way to save energy? Don't buy stuff. #rubyconf #e20ticket

  47. #rubyconf was full of win. Thanks for all the fun and friends, @chadfowler et al.

  48. Ryan Davis and @tenderlove are absolutely *killing*. The room is in stitches. #rubyconf

  49. .@rubinius goes 1.0rc1 next week. Good job @evanphx, @brixen, etc. #rubyconf

  50. #rubyconf speakers, Get excited already. You're one of just a few speakers. You're privileged to be up there talking about your project.

  51. If you need to use a cursor to point to where you are on your slides, you're doing wrong. #rubyconf

  52. Also, I don't particularily care about how fast the fib sequence runs in implementation x. There's more to life than fib. #rubyconf

  53. Being a good programmer does not necessarily make one a good speaker about programming. The converse is also true. #rubyconf

  54. "I didn't come up with this technique, but I did come up with name". Well, la di da. #rubyconf

  55. My coding style and knowledge has been very directly shaped by @evanphx, @drbrain, @tenderlove, @topfunky, @jbarnette & Ryan Davis #rubyconf

  56. I just got tickled and had my ear pulled by @evanphx in Parse.y talk at #rubyconf. Like I'm his little brother or his pet dog. Weirdo.

  57. #rubyconf speakers, Also don't put anything on the bottom third to half of your slide. We can't see that low. <3 sb

  58. Dear #rubyconf speakers, More slides! Talking for 5 minutes with 1 slide and 1 bullet point is a bad smell that you should break it up.

  59. The problem with Alcoholic Functionalists is the recursive drinking. #rubyconf

  60. Dear #rubyconf nerds, Don't be afraid to talk to people you don't know. We're all friendly (except Ryan Davis... run away).

  61. Helping @evanphx with his @rubinius slides for #rubyconf. Shane Becker: professional text bolder. For hire.

  62. If you see me at #rubyconf and think "that guy looks like he slept in a van", it's because I did. Good morning.

  63. Awesome seeing my Seattle nerds at #rubyconf night zero. Tomorrow starts operation: find me a job. I've got friends helping. You can too.

  64. Drive to #rubyconf soundtrack: against me, blink 182, sleater kinney, bright eyes, new ethic, I have dreams, a new kind of american saint.

  65. @ajaya If you want to donate your ticket to an unemployed homeless rubyist looking to find a job at #rubyconf, I'm your dude.