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  1. Please up vote the #sxsw panel that I'm on with @t, @erinjo and @willnorris :

  2. Ok. You beautiful 1000+ followers, I need a little favor from you. Please upvote the #sxsw panel that I'd be on.

  3. Dear #sxsw, I'm not in you anymore. See you next time. Sb

  4. Any #sxsw friends want to get dinner real soon like?

  5. Last time I was at #sxsw, Dodgeball was all the rage. And Yahoo had just bought all of its hot web 2.0 properties to slowly kill.

  6. Awesome first night in #sxsw. Found a vegan food cart and met two vegan straightedge kids, @jackvse and @uhhhalex.

  7. Ok, #sxsw friends. I need dinner plans. Hit me.

  8. going to #sxsw (@ LAS McCarran Airport Runway Observation) #EightBit

  9. I love randomly meeting other nerds also going to #sxsw at the airport.

  10. #sxsw hacking at B19 in Las Vegas airport. Blue LA baseball hat.

  11. Fair warning dear followers, I'm en route to #sxsw for the next week. If you don't wanna hear about it, there's an unfollow button. XO Sb

  12. Wish I could've seen the ActivityStreams session at #sxsw

  13. i must’ve seen a thousand faces

  14. rooftop swimming party