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  1. "1.9 still has the GIL. Which I'm not gonna talk about today." - Matz at #waza

  2. #waza: Awesome speakers. Great location. Terrible drinks. Not enough bathroom capacity.

  3. If you were in Noah's #waza talk about @heroku secrets and took notes, please email them to me. <3

  4. SF, I love being in you! Today I'll be at @Heroku #waza. Come say hi.

  5. I'm coming to SF for @Heroku #waza. Who am I staying with this time?

  6. I just registered for heroku #waza. @ The Farmhouse

  7. Anyone know how much #waza tickets are tomorrow? /cc @heroku

  8. Here's me and @cashion at @heroku's #waza last year yammering on about something.

  9. What was the name of the big Polaroid company at @heroku's #waza last year?

  10. Postcard from @heroku's #waza that I'm sending to @steveklabnik's dad. @ The Farmhouse

  11. RT @dyoder: .@heroku founders on hiring: "don't hire assholes." one of my own favorite maxims, overlooked surprisingly often. #waza