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  1. Perfect Songs

  2. ♫ This is my jam: “Birthday” by Kid Dynamite

  3. It’s an I-Spy kind of day.

  4. ♫ This is my jam: “Zero strings bass solo.” /by @Davie504bass

  5. See also: making the Marble Machine.

  6. Truly some marble madness. /via @coketweet & @waxy

  7. “The United States has a problem with gun violence.” Obviously.

  8. ♫ This is my jam: “Once In A Lifetime” by Talking Heads

  9. ♫ This is my jam: “If I Only Had A Brain” by MC 900 Ft. Jesus.

  10. ♫ This is my jam: “Slow Down” /by @TaricaJune