La Casa Bicicleta

here are pictures from my world at the bikehouse . the first three were taken by my homeboy / roomie, gary. he's radtackular.

bikehouse from the ground at night in the fall / winter.

bike house from the ground.jpg

street from our porch. with the old version of the bike fence. look at that gorgeous trail of light from some passing car. wowsers.

bike house yard and fence at night in winter.jpg

another picture of the street and sidewalk from right next to the old bike fence. we've (mainly gary, actually) built a new one that i'll post pictures of soon.

our street (600 s) in salt lake city at night from our front wall - bike fence

so sometimes i think the bike house is a self full-filling prophecy .see, we all have a lot of bikes. and we build things out of bikes. and we ride bikes. and our house is named "the bike house". so consequently, people are always giving us more bikes. random people will just come up to our porch and say "do you want my kid's old bike, it's too small for them now."

bike house bike pile

Song playing in iTunes while i wrote this post: Extra Track by Against Me!.