in horrible tragedy and disaster lies a case study.

i know its terrible. thousands of lives are changed forever. thousands of lives have been lost. people are starving. warlords are cropping up. i can't say words that will match the horrificness of what's happened in new orleans and the rest of the gulf states. everyone has said it more than i could anyways.

but this isn't about that.

new orleans can show us a lot of what ifs... in action. the kind of things we only imagine possible scenarios when the lights go out. god, i don't know. we can't predict all the ways that things are gonna fall apart. but shouldn't we be learning some lessons from this? not just for the next natural disaster, but for when we can't start a car, let alone power a water purification plant.

come on, man. i can't quite articulate what i want to say here.

ps. listen to this radio interview with the mayor of new orleans. 14 minutes long. powerful stuff.

pps. i heard some friends of mine say the other day, not jokingly at all:

three generations from now people will search for the lost city of new orleans. it'll be a modern atlantis.