comic shop job update

I've been working at The Dreaming for a few weeks now. Its a comic shop on the Ave. in the U. District of Seattle. Its owned and run by just one dude, Aron. Let me tell you, working at a comic shop is awesome! My last shot at working at a comic shop was ...sub optimal. I attribute that to the management not being very friendly or not 'in the trenches', but mainly to the fact that i was one of 15 or 20 employees at two locations of the store. Here, its just me and Aron (someone also helps him with the wednesday order breakdown).

Also different is that I'm just working on projects not running the register and stuff. I like that. First up I'm alphabetizing 20,000 or so back issues. Then doing some sort of clearance sale to trim a lot of the fat. Later, I'll be building some software that helps reduce some of the mundane work of subscriptions, re-/ordering and maybe P.O.S. stuff.

Lately, I've started reading more single issues again to cover some of the areas that Aron doesn't like/have time for/know about. I bring home a pile of some title read as many as there are to get caught up on it, then write up a little review, design up a little card (4 x 6) and tack them up at the shop on the shelf. Its a lot of freaking fun.

This is quickly becoming a dream job. Given nothing totally wonky happens in the forseeable future, I could see myself staying with this for quite some time. Knock on wood. [ Knock. Knock.]

I'll post reviews as I write them.