<p>What if in the not too distant future the U.S. government had the U.S. military fighting major conflicts all over the globe and forgot to pay attention to the problems here and the growing domestic miltia movement? That's exactly what writer Brian Wood is setting out to explore. A world just like ours (eg. NOT sci-fi, NO super-heroes) except the Free States of America have claim to all of The States up to Manhattan. The U.S. still has the rest. Manhattan is a De-Milartarized Zone, which is another way of saying one of the most violent places for someone to be. Our story follows a young man who sort of fell into a photo-journalism internship which turns into this crazy gig of being, basically, the only reporter in a warzone. It reads like a great NPR piece. Top 5 current books.</p>

<p>Published by Vertigo (DC).</p>

<p>See Also: Channel Zero, Demo.</p>