<p>This is a story of homicide detectives whose cases relate to a super powered being (a 'power') in some way; a power killed someone, a power was killed, someone was killed while in a costume... At its core its two things: a super-hero story and a detective story. Across the board excellent character development with two lead homicide detectives and all the way through the reappearing cast of heroes and villains alike. The aesthetic absolutely nails noir detective movie with heavy shadows and great body language mixing in the brightness and boldness of spandex heroes. This is (and I'm not just saying this) The Best Dialouge I've ever read. Less of what is said and more of how it's said. Great banter full of the quirks, sentence fragments and dramatic / comedic pauses of real life. This is on my top 5 favourite current books.</p>

<p>Published by Image / Icon.</p>

<p>See Also: Ultimate Spiderman, New Avengers</p>