West Coast Roadtrip Summer 2016

#LittleMisadventureTime is hitting the road again! This time we’re “only” doing a couple months up and down the US West Coast. Mid-May to mid-July. Ish.

Indieweb Summit is in Portland, Oregon on June 4–5.

Summer Solstice in the mountains is June 20–26.

We’re leaving LA on May 16. And driving north slowlyish up to Portland over the course of a couple weeks.

We’re making stops along the way to see friends, do work and try to find a job. (I’m still broke and unemployed.)

Planned stops include:

  • Paso Robles
  • Santa Cruz
  • San Francisco / Oakland
  • Portland
  • Redwoods
  • Big Sur

We’ll be on a pretty tight shoe string budget, hopefully only spending money on gas. If you’re along the way and wanna make us a meal or take us out to eat, we’d love that very much.

We’re also open to ride shares that wanna pay gas money for a ride to one of the places on the way.

Regardless of money logistics, we’re stoked to get on the road again, to see pretty places and friendly faces.