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  1. Time for @Cubs baseball in October. What a time to be alive.

  2. The @Cubs won 103 games this season. Bananas.

  3. Cubs Post Season Roster : 2016 Wishlist

  4. Hey @FiveThirtyEight. How do current MLB win/loss records compare to history? Is there always a team that’s way ahead of all MLB?

  5. When the shift is on, hit 'em where they ain't.

  6. Those @Cubs have been doing some fancy sliding to avoid tags this year (and last).

  7. The @Cubs pitchers have really been coming through in the non-pitching situations too lately.

  8. Ichiro’s swing is really a thing of beauty.

  9. God damn! I love seeing the @Cubs win on a safety squeeze bunt. By a pitcher. In extra innings. #MaybeThisYear

  10. I always loved bunting.

  11. This graph is beautiful. #cubs #yankees #baseball

  12. Hey @gruber, Are you reading these 1927 Yankees stories?

  13. It’s Memorial Day weekend and the @Cubs are playing .700+ baseball. What a time to believe alive! #MaybeThisYear

  14. Tonight I watched @JArrieta34 throw another no-no. On my iPad in my van at #Coachella camping. Typical.

  15. I would *love* to a see a Cubs / Yankees World Series this year, @gruber.

  16. My three favourite baseball teams