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  1. Backyard squirrel buddy.

  2. The sounds of jackhammering again since 7am. Turn up your volume.

  3. The sound of my world this morning.

  4. Squirrel courting ritual?

  5. Squirrels in the avocado tree.

  6. Ruff ruff.

  7. Zip! Boing! (Volume up)

  8. The Squirrel and The Great Feeding Tree

  9. This little birdie was just hanging out in the cinder block fire pit (no fire, obvs).

  10. This is @n8duke weed-wacking.

  11. This is @n8duke warming up.

  12. Two helicopters are just hovering in the sky above Hollywood.

  13. Today I woke up to the sound of a jackhammer. (Unmute your volume.)

  14. It's a little bit windy in Hollywood right now.

  15. Real life #smokescreen.

  16. Echo Park #dodgeball.

  17. Here's the hummingbird that hangs around The @Farmhouse.

  18. Is this a crow or a raven?

  19. Bird call number 1. Can you identify this for me?

  20. @Civthedog is pretty Excitebike to see me.

  21. Apples to Apples and Ke$ha!

  22. Hi! My name is Sarge! I am a #pitbull! And I love you! Derp! Derp!

  23. This is how unwilling Sarge (a #pitbull) is to bite my hand.

  24. The boys warming up for men's #dodgeball league.

  25. #dodgeball men's league quarter finals.

  26. Men's #dodgeball league again.

  27. Men's #dodgeball league.