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  1. My #railsconf talk is done. I stayed vertical for the whole thing. So there's that. I'd give myself a B-. I need to refine/edit it more.

  2. RT @deadprogram: "HTML is the language of our epoch... it is the language of our culture"-@veganstraightedge #railsconf

  3. RT @deadprogram: "I think microformats are awesome"-@veganstraightedge #railsconf

  4. My #railsconf talk was re-scheduled to Monday morning after announcements. So I can get back to LA in time for #dodgeball semi/finals. :)

  5. Spotted: an @kelseyschimm on the same flight to PDX as me. #railsconf

  6. #railsconf folks, A friendly reminder to use @getcloak for added protection on public networks. <3

  7. PDX, I'm coming your way. I'll only be in town for a couple days. Make it count! #railsconf

  8. @bwilken Word on the street is you gave a "Quit Your Job" themed lightning talk at #railsconf. I'd love to see it. Slides online anywhere?

  9. My boss, @drnic, gave me a shout out of sorts at 8:00 in this interview that he did at #railsconf. Thanks!

  10. RT @brixen: Got many requests at #railsconf to distill Rubinius into a one-line message. Please help us do that. /c @rubinius #whatisrub ...

  11. @RobotDeathSquad Were you at #railsconf? Did you check with the @engineyard booth folks? We'll be making more soon.

  12. Internet High Five to @steveklabnik for winning a Ruby Hero Award at #railsconf 2011

  13. Anyone from New York going to Baltimore for #railsconf that has *not* left yet that might want to courier a box of stickers with you?

  14. railsconf 2007 in portland, part one