<p>i'm in portland, or for railsconf 2007. i came down with <a href="http://blog.fallingsnow.net/" title="Phoenix isn’t just a town in Arizona" rel="met friend colleague">evan phoenix</a>, <a href="http://blog.zenspider.com/" title="Polishing Ruby" rel="met friend colleague">ryan davis</a> and <a href="http://segment7.net/" title="Segment7 Home" rel="met friend colleague">eric hodel</a>. it's been so nerderiffic already, and only one day without the conference has transpired. here's the executive summary:</p>

  <li>went to <a href="http://www.powells.com/technicalbooks" title="Powell's Books - Technical Books">powell's technical books</a>

</li> <li>went to rocco’s pizza. i had a vegan slice (aka no cheese) that was pretty alright. not great, but big and cheap.</li> <li>went to powell’s books proper </li> <li>went back to ryan and eric’s hotel room, hung out and all of us hacked on various things while also half watching mostly shitty tv (CSI / Without A Trace, i’m looking at you) but also some nerdy tv (about rocket science), talked about the ups and downs of rails and the community… and stuff.</li> <li>talked about cutlery</li> <li>evan and i got the call from ezra that it was time to go to his parents house where we were staying last night</li> <li>got barked at relentlessly by an alien, i mean pug</li> <li>sleep well</li> <li>had one of those “oh, i’ve gotten up and walked to the bathroom and now i’m peeing in the toilet” dreams then realized i was, in fact, still in my sleeping bag. quick check, close call. everything’s still dry. (no, not that kind of DRY)</li> <li>got up to go to railsconf day 1 and ezra’s wife offered us coffee and tea and what-nots, but i just drink juice. so i always have to ask, not ever really expecting anything and that’s ok. but they had organic cherry juice in little juice packs a la capri sun. awesome!</li> </ul>

<p>and that's it so far.</p>

<p>oh yeh, i'm redesigning RDoc. ugh. i mean, yay?</p>