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  1. My Life, 5000 Tweets Later

  2. Unused LA Ruby Conf Shirt Design Mock

  3. Mark Pilgrim on The Setup

  4. Fraser Speirs on The Real Work

  5. Wanted: Rails Developer for Activity Stream web app

  6. A Social Network Etiquette Proposal

  7. Obsession Times Voice

  8. "I'm blogging this" No, you're not.

  9. ASCII Art Star Wars: A New Hope

  10. Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it

  11. I now have 500 comics

  12. History of the Internet

  13. An experiment in reading comics on screen

  14. The Unfinished Swan - Tech Demo 9/2008

  15. A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century - Esquire

  16. Star Wars Influence Map

  17. flickr fail whale

  18. Or A Snake

  19. Hacky fix for @rands in (Add Row Above / Add Row Below)

  20. Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices

  21. The Machine That Changed the World: The World at Your Fingertips -

  22. Preparing to empty the Trash...

  23. A better post template for MarsEdit

  24. Inbox Zero... and Then Some

  25. Jedi Gym

  26. Flickr Embiggens

  27. Making the Invisible Visible

  28. This is better than this

  29. I love this as a color palette. I'll use it on a project some day.

  30. Transatlantic Submarine Cables Reaching Land

  31. Betabrite Autotest

  32. new zealand middle earth postmark

  33. Helvetica of the serif world?

  34. Awesome Lessons

  35. The Top 10 weirdest keyboards ever

  36. Very un-Apple like error message

  37. Oh, typography nerds and their respective partners

  38. What decade is this?

  39. Test::Unit Output is kind of... ugh.

  40. A Pretty Good Bus Ride

  41. On old projects and revisiting them...

  42. Rands nails it... or Intelectual Property is Theft, too.

  43. Subscribing to feeds from Safari 3

  44. What is the location of the mysql socket when you install from MacPorts?

  45. Mac OS X Dashboard Widget's Translation from Japanese to... English

  46. The New Hottness.

  47. bash aliases

  48. 10 Fonts that I hate EVEN MORE than I hate Comic Sans

  49. Compare the trailer to the first four minutes of The Kingdom movie

  50. Tanks, tanks, tanks. Bombs, bombs, bombs.

  51. mdbtools bus error

  52. Twittering from the road on my way to ComicCon

  53. wil, you're a bit wrong. sorry.

  54. I’m taking the plunge

  55. On getting suckered. By a fanboy, nonetheless.

  56. railsconf 2007 in portland, part one

  57. i’ve been called a lot of names before…

  58. a funny thing happened on the way to bed last night

  59. Better css_graph

  60. RDoc document icons

  61. A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope

  62. simplicity

  63. First Things First, Next Things… Wii?

  64. Dr. Hammond, the phones are working.

  65. everything burns bright when its new

  66. Reworked tagmaker script

  67. Social networks of the future? Look no further than…

  68. Measurement Microformat

  69. hey, where’d you take that photo?

  70. gmail help straight dissing me

  71. Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

  72. Zero Hour was a lame DC Comics Crisis event

  73. what websites sound like

  74. sketchy business

  75. Obfuscated email address

  76. blockquote and cite example : use this

  77. The nest architecture of the Florida harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex badius

  78. tidy safari

  79. I am Jack’s LEGO collection

  80. websites as graphs :

  81. Mongrel: Home

  82. Barcode Server

  83. Black Box Parsing

  84. All The Quickies

  85. join the resistance. fall in love.

  86. funny things heard over at svn

  87. Dock on Top

  88. Widescreen Mockup

  89. the simpsons are going home!

  90. i must’ve seen a thousand faces

  91. apple, apparently, does think different. even about math.

  92. …barring the collapse of civilization as we know it.

  93. site downage

  94. consumating our menage a network / nerd a trois

  95. all of my online presences

  96. 2006 predictions

  97. new years re(v)olutions

  98. don’t you fucking get it?

  99. i’m even lazier than that

  100. Alan Cox on writing better software

  101. How To Write Unmaintainable Code

  102. The Rise of 'Worse is Better'

  103. Producing Open Source Software

  104. How to be a Programmer

  105. things always get worse before they get better

  106. invasion of the miniature

  107. Alan Kay's Etech 2003 Presentation

  108. The Complete Concise History of GNU/Linux

  109. here i come to save the day!

  110. for my birthday, i want to have manatee as a friend

  111. hilarious hilariousness

  112. we are warriors. the great exploriers.

  113. i got a job.

  114. i sold out

  115. i’m applying for a job.

  116. comiccon here i come.

  117. really, REALLY, annoying netnewswire bug

  118. sw:e3:rots - not another review

  119. Discipline, Simplicity, and Feedback in System Administration

  120. … of mercury and ligatures

  121. quicksilver helps me find my girlfriend

  122. Trent Reznor Rules

  123. ranchero netnewswire downloads issue


  125. can this be done in marsedit?

  126. KELLY. this is for you.

  127. advance dungeons and dragons (ad&d)

  128. comment spam, comment spam, rolly polly comment spam

  129. cool quicktime 7 feature

  130. movies i’ve seen recently

  131. blog upgrade and redesign

  132. lazy web experiment

  133. new analogy

  134. Ootips - Object Orientation Tips

  135. Getting Over Bad Habits

  136. How to Write Maintainable Code

  137. Aesthetics of Debugging

  138. Configuring GnuPG

  139. Markup Languages Index

  140. Robs Rubix Repair

  141. Pair Programming, an Extreme Programming practice

  142. magnets. strong, strong magnets.

  143. Jargon - The New Hacker's Dictionary

  144. The Tao Of Programming

  145. Programming is an art

  146. Hackers and Painters

  147. Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science

  148. How Stuff Works

  149. archive

  150. Watson Status

  151. no. software. patents.

  152. gmail pop

  153. feedburner feed

  154. we are winning

  155. Project: Open Software Update

  156. software update for non apple products

  157. new software in the mix

  158. atom protocol

  159. soviet union’s response to U.S. ’star wars’

  160. i’m not dead.

  161. i love you, secret admirer

  162. ipod video, no thanks

  163. bloggercon ITconversations archive

  164. gmail goes pop

  165. ipod socks

  166. revenge of the sith

  167. the lib freq

  168. first VoIP call

  169. i’m an mp3, apparently

  170. comparing opensource software development to global guerrilla warfare tactics

  171. Global Guerrillas

  172. ThumbScrew for photo thumbnails

  173. oreilly mac os x conference

  174. spirited away updated

  175. geek tattoos

  176. A decade on the Web with Netscape

  177. Spirited Away.

  178. link my squad, skinny

  179. Mosaic + SGI + Hubble + Alias|Wavefront

  180. google still ‘not being evil’

  181. the wonderful world of pgp

  182. apparently, amazon still owns the patent to impulse shopping

  183. currently reading