An experiment in reading comics on screen

I had Secret Invasion on my subscription at The Dreaming (my local comic shop), but I was hearing really good things. So I wanted to read it sooner rather than later.

I decided to try the download / read on screen approach. I read all 8 issues that way and was unsatisfied. I think it was mainly because I was on a 15 inch MacBook. If I was on a 30+ inch screen, it'd prolly be ok. There was way to much zoom and pan that I had to do.

At 100% zoom, I could read the text, but I couldn't see the whole page. Zoomed to see the whole page, I couldn't read the text.

Altogether the experiment was a success in learning that ready comics on my computer is a fail.

That is all.

Secret Invasion - Two page spread - Zoom to fit

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Secret Invasion - 1 page zoomed to legible

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