Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

quite awhile back i read on Martin Pittenauer's blog about a documentary called "The Elegant Universe" that originally aired on PBS' Nova. i was pretty stoked to hear about it, because way back a few years ago when i lived in missouri (aka the state of misery) i remember seeing commercials for it and wanting to watch it, but then missing it. ah, you've got to love the internet.

just as he noted, the whole thing is viewable online. but the annoying thing was that all videos were wrapped up in a .smil file. in short that means, i'd have to stream it al and watch it while i had internet access and hope that there weren't any hiccups in network status. so after asking him how he watched it, he wrote me back with a copy of the smil and advice that now seems obvious. if you open the smil file in a text editor, you can see the URI of all the movies chapters.

i did you the favor of busting the links out so you don't have to look at an ugly ugly smil.

go forth and nerd it up.

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