<p>lazyweb bug report.</p>

do this in this order:

  1. create a custom tag. let's say code. description: code. opening: <code>. closing: </code>.
  2. create a keyboard shortcut for that. let's say, command /.
  3. now make another custom tag. let's say, li. description: li. opening: <li>. closing: </li>.
<p>now look at your custom tags. and notice code no longer has a shortcut. this is true with any number of custom tags. it's really frustrating. b/c i have quite a few custom tags that i've made that i use a lot. and anytime i identify a situation that i repeat a lot i try to make a shortcut and 'tag' for it, though they're not always actual html tags.</p>

<p>i really love <a href="http://ranchero.com/marsedit/">marsedit</a> (made by <a href="http://ranchero.com/">ranchero</a>). and use it (and <a href="http://ranchero.com/netnewswire/">netnewswire</a>) every single day.</p>

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