gmail goes pop

this is really good news. i like the idea of gmail. but i need to use a POP3 client. a la Apple Mail. so now, it looks like the proverbial cake and eating. i wonder how they'll handle feeding you ads on new mail or if they even will. if they don't how is this gonna affect the business model for 'free' email supported by inline ads?

gmail goes pop: Well, one more barrier to me using gmail just fell away... they've added free POP support to their mail service. I still don't use gmail, but they're making it harder and harder to resist. (Via anil dash in atom.)

so once this is rolled out completely, maybe i'll actually use my gmail account more. here's their online support for setting it up on the gmail end and your end. at the moment, no IMAP support, though.

still hands down, the best web based mail available. IMHO.