first VoIP call

got a call tonight from the girl. her dad has a talkbox (sorry, couldn't find an english page for it. actually, i don't know that this is even it.) and she called me from it. the number shows up as "unknown", something the telecom world will have to work out sometime as more VoIP is used. otherwise, it was pretty seamless.

the content of our conversation was more interesting, though. her brother, scott, is getting into the world of podcasting. his good friend is doing a podcast called coverville which is, as it sounds, all cover songs. and he's ASCAP legal, too. that was a smart move, i think. as podcasting blows up more there'll be all kinds of legal battles over content, surely. good for him for beating them to the punch. heading them off at the pass, as it were. it was fun slash funny to hear both of them sooo excited about podcasting. truely this is the beginnings of something big. and the people that are in the loop know it. and that's why this thing is so electric to everyone right now.

it was also funny to hear how disappointed both of them were that i didn't go to bloggercon.

and, yes, they convinced me to start podcastinng. i've started laying the groundwork. my biggest technical hurdle is figuring out how to do enclosures with WordPress. i'm sure it can be worked out.

coming soon:

we don't just want airtime.
we want all the time, all of the time.