Twittering from the road on my way to ComicCon

I'm going to hitchhiking down the west coast from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA for ComicCon this year again. And what I mean by 'this year' is Tuesday. I've always wanted to be able to post real-time-ish updates from the road on trips like these. Normally, I take notes along the way (usually at night after the day has gone by and I've forgotten things), then try to blog them as I can. I never follow through though. I did this with my Seattle trip for the Trial reunion show and my RailsConf posts.

So... this time ima try something different (and by the way, I had a dream about this in my sleep one morning waking up with the idea to do it this way). I will post little Twitter tweets with my progress reports of rides and towns and stories and characters and the what-nots and the who-whos.

If you care to follow along there are three ways to do so:

  1. To the right of the body content on my blog here under the heading "My Twitter Tweets" will be the most recent 10 in reverse order
  2. My Twitter Page
  3. My Twitter Feed

There you have it.