A better post template for MarsEdit

I really love MarsEdit. I wouldn't blog nearly as often as I do (which isn't nearly as often as I'd like) if I had to do it all through the WordPress web interface (which is better than most)*. But I've always been unhappy with the default template for posting a quote from another site via the bookmarklet. I would usually rewrite it myself by hand each time. Sometimes I repeat myself waaay too many times before tricking out some tool to automate for me.

So while setting up another blog for a different project, I was finally pushed to scratch this itch. It was super easy. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I added a bit of semantics to be a better web citizen (or whatever). Unfortunately, some of bits don't work from the bookmarklet, but do from "Post to Weblog" from NetNewsWire. So here it is. If you like it, use it. Or don't.

<p><cite><a href="#url#">#sourceName#</a></cite> said:</p>
<blockquote cite="#url#">
<p><a href="#sourceHomeURL#">#sourceName#</a></p>

* - How's that for a run on sentence?