<p>I'm designing a web based Activity Stream aggregator and I need a Rails developer or two that wants to build it with me. I'm looking for partners not employees.</p>

<p>The idea is simple: Keep up with my friends' activity on various sites from one web app.</p>

<p>Later I want to publish a unified activity feed for users of the site. On both ends I want to add a little bit of smarts that recognizes when a post is a duplicate (like, say when I post to Twitter and Facebook sucks it in) and show the post once.</p>

<p>I've built a static prototype currently at <a href="http://razzledazzleit.heroku.com">http://razzledazzleit.heroku.com</a>.</p>

<p>This will be a bleeding edge technology site only supporting the latest greatest browsers, assuming that our users are smart or willing to learn and implementing technologies that matter (even if they don't have the widest adoption yet). Things like: </p>

  <li>Lots of keyboard shortcuts (j/k to page thru initially)</li>
  <li>activity streams</li>
  <li>open id</li>
  <li>portable contacts</li>

<p>We're not going to store or ask for any passwords. Ever. If we include a site in our aggregation without asking a user for her password, we won't include that site. This is will be an app where things are done right. No compromise. No regret.</p>

<p>Out of the gates, I personally care most about:</p>


<p>Next, I'd like to see</p>


  <li>google latitude</li>




<p>If you're really into consumption of third party web services, open data, portable identity, aggressively minimalistic code and design, and a web of data (or you want to be), let's talk. I need a partner or two.</p>