<p>a couple weeks ago after <a href="http://fox.com/oc">the o.c.</a> <a href="http://crashycrashy.blogspot.com">steff</a>, <a href="http://saturdaypark.blogspot.com">teej</a> and i were all sitting around nerding on the digital interweb. all on our respective power/i books. man, it was ever nerdy. it was pretty nice actually to have a that feeling of similar minded/actioned people around me. you see, i don't have many computery nerds in my life these days. even fewer geeks who get excited about things like database modeling, polymorphism, mvc, refactoring, complex data abstraction and things like it. <a href="http://elisfanclub.com/blog">eli</a> is really my go to guy on stuff like that, but he's like 2000 miles away. [soon to be only 1000 miles!] so having teej and steff down for the nerd cause and on team mac really makes me happy.</p>

<p>so quite a bit of our time that night was spent on a site called <a href="http://consumating.com">consumating</a>. i learned about it, because everyone in the tech blogosphere was talking about how they just got bought by c|net and how big of a deal that was. so i thought i'd check it out. its basically like a modern, 'we get the web 2.0 thing', version of <a href="http://hotornot.com">hot or not</a> (remember that thing? ugh.) but aimed at nerdy/indie boys and girls. its pretty alright.</p>

<a href="http://consumating.com/profiles/veganstraightedge">i'm on there</a>. <a href="http://consumating.com/profiles/smashysmashy">so is steff</a>. teej was, but then got over it pretty fast and dropped out. <a href="http://consumating.com/profiles/naughtyveganlady">courtney is doing it, too.</a>

<p>Currently playing in iTunes: <i>November's Lie(extended dance remix)</i> by By the Grace of God</p>