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  1. SF: me and @mofo37 will be in you tonight for the next few days. I want to see all of your smart and beautiful faces. Let's hang/eat/cowork.

  2. Tender Lovemaking Internship

  3. Taking Over vs Taking Back

  4. We're Having a Party and You're Invited!

  5. T-Shirt Sale to Help Friends in Chile Affected by 8.8 Earthquake

  6. In Other News

  7. Rise Over Run TShirt for Sale on eBay

  8. James Miska : 'Saol, Ceol' Redux

  9. Old Boing! Collective Mission Statement

  10. Ignacio Galvez Photography

  11. This Is What Hardcore Is To Me

  12. Old pictures atop Bernal Hill in San Francisco

  13. Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker

  14. "riding in my car" by woody guthrie performed by josh loiter cognition at red door books may 12, 2007

  15. "I Am Coming Home" - James Miska

  16. This by Fuck, Yes!

  17. Fifty Six And A Half Inches Of Freedom (live) by Fuck, Yes!

  18. In Between Songs by Fuck, Yes!

  19. Fighting For Our Lives (live) by Fuck, Yes!

  20. An Awfully Big Adventure (live) by Fuck, Yes!

  21. Rise Over Run logos for posterity

  22. Handstands for the win

  23. And I feel so alive

  24. Screen Printing Instructions from Bookis when Emily his printing gear

  25. Rise Over Run Lyrics

  26. Katie Holmes, you've got nothing on my dog.

  27. Anyone want to go to New Zealand this weekend?

  28. 14 months and 50,000 comics later...

  29. I've got one lyric pointed at your head for start. The other one's pointed at your weak ass heart.

  30. “War is hell, Sir.”

  31. It IS a small world after all. Twice.

  32. railsconf 2007 in portland, part one

  33. 1000 number paintings & $1 million dollar website

  34. Social networks of the future? Look no further than…

  35. ‘derrick jensen’ by eli

  36. timone was a good dog

  37. friends don’t travel to me. i always go to them.

  38. punkin pie

  39. ne plus ultra edition

  40. i usually don’t like forwards, but this one is pretty good

  41. mickie fickie firecracker soap on rope*

  42. chuck norris’ blood type

  43. the simpsons are going home!

  44. i must’ve seen a thousand faces

  45. rooftop swimming party

  46. James Miska : Saol, Ceol

  47. robert deniro and susan suranden can kiss my ass!

  48. ‘Saol, Ceol’ is Gaelic for ‘Life, Music’ or the resistance army audio project’s latest ‘release’: Saol, Ceol by James Miska

  49. here’s to the responsibility of holding yourself accountable for your fuck ups, because everyone’s a fuckup.

  50. its not funny like ‘ha ha’…

  51. consumating our menage a network / nerd a trois

  52. shawn and i made / found fire

  53. calling leslie ware. where are you? come in weslie ware.

  54. things always get worse before they get better

  55. generally i try to avoid make broad sweeping generalizations

  56. don’t let these tight pants fool you, i’m all heart motherfucker

  57. top ten records

  58. trial reunion show journal

  59. red belt buddy

  60. trial reunion show trip day 3 - friday

  61. alex took this of me at trial

  62. trial reunion show trip day 2 - rursday

  63. trial reunion show trip day 1 - wednesday

  64. big big post coming up soon

  65. the northwest passage.

  66. yesterday gets a gold star. ten gold stars!

  67. You Can Almost Hold It In Your Hands

  68. here i come to save the day!

  69. it starts with eyes closed to fingers crossed. to i swear. i say.

  70. and great distance means i’ll probably never see you again.

  71. james is the cutest ever

  72. for all 12 of my readers, an invite

  73. las vegas IS NOT positive

  74. with friends like these, who the fuck needs COINTELPRO?

  75. HAPPY HEROES DAY! ...available on videocassette and laser disc.

  76. me stuffing my face.

  77. Trains and sewing machines (you won’t catch me around here)

  78. we are warriors. the great exploriers.

  79. miss maguire, this is for you.

  80. grand juries are still tools of state repression.

  81. dear friend, steff. i hate work, too.

  82. this story, like all stories worth telling, is about a girl

  83. my homies : brooke and bookis

  84. Trent Reznor Rules

  85. the long emergency blog

  86. san francisco at night.

  87. mix cd + vegan cookies in the mail = awesome

  88. my bomb ass curry recipe

  89. Boxcar Books and Community Center, Inc.

  90. i love you, secret admirer

  91. i got arrested once

  92. success in love

  93. link my squad, skinny