Ignacio Galvez Photography

I traveled six thousand miles to trick out a Wordpress blog.

I met him on my night here. He has a little short leg weiner dog named Flo. He's vegetarian and straightedge. The same age as me, a flight attendant, married to Patti and is an amazing photographer. His name is Ignacio Galvez.

I built him a new website. It was inspired by my old friend from Atlanta Matt Miller's photo site, The Five Mile Grace and Boston.com's Big Picture (seriously, the best thing evar, do subscribe).

The goal was simple design, intense content. (yes, that's Tufte). We both agreed that most photo site totally fail. Too often the focus is on the site design and not the photos. We set out to turn that table around.

I'm pretty happy with it. He is, too. Please do check it out. If you are in need of a photographer, you should really consider hiring him. He's aces in my book. His flickr, twitter and, of course, the new and improved photo portfolio site: ignaciogalvez.com.